Bitter gourd is a broadly grown edible fruit and one of the most bitter of all vegetables known. With little and delicate seeds and brilliant green shaded ridged pebbly skin and sharp flavor, bitter gourd unmistakable has been related to great medical advantages and is an incredible source of key supplements. One cup (94 grams) of raw bitter melon provides up to 20 Calories; 4 Gms Carbs; 2 Gms Fiber; 93% Vitamin C of the DV; 44% Vitamin A of the DV; 17% Folate of the DV; 8% of Potassium of the DV; 5% of the Zinc of the DV and 4% of Iron of the DV. Bitter gourd has been appeared to improve several markers of long-term blood sugar control, including levels of fructosamine and hemoglobin A1C. Studies demonstrate that Bitter gourd may have cancer-fighting properties and could be compelling against stomach, colon, lung, nasopharynx, and bosom cancer cells. Bitter gourd concentrate may diminish cholesterol levels, which could help bolster heart health.

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